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Particle-PLUS Package

Particle-PLUS is a package software which contains several software to analyze plasma phenomena. The package consists of the followings: solvers by a plasma module to analyze plasma phenomena under low pressure, solvers by a neutral gas module to compute a gas flow of rarefied gases, preprocessors to generate a mesh data and postprocessors to visualize computation results. For details of each module and so on, click a corresponding tab and see the linked page.
(Sorry, English pages are not yet prepared.)

* WF-Geom and WF-View are OEMed from Sharc Ltd. (UK).
** We deal in an more advanced postprocessor as an option.


We develop to make Particle-PLUS the software used widely by beginners who are unfamiliar with simulation as well as experts. Following a training by us or exercising tutorials which is attached the package, users become to be able to master the software in a short time. For an advanced/technical computation, users can customize the computational method by option functions.
(Sorry, English pages are not yet prepared.)