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About Particle-PLUS

Particle-PLUS is an application software to simulate a non-equilibrium plasma. Especially, it is useful to analyze the plasma properties/phenomena in a rarefied (low-pressured) gas and near a wall. It has been adopted in a lot of projects in Japan and overseas and we have been receiving a lot of good reviews. This software is developed independently by Wave Front Co., Ltd. See DETAIL for the detail information about the software.

FIGURE: Time dependence of electron density for magnetron (left) and CCP (right). Using Particle-PLUS, you can analyze various plasma phenomena.

Development Philosophy

Plasma processing has been utilized widely as an important industrial technology in a manufacturing process to form thin films. However, it is difficult to know what is occur in a manufacturing equipment, so that engineers have relied on their experience and intuition. Can we get information about the equipment by human knowledge to apply to manufacturing? Particle-PLUS is developed to solve the difficulties. Even now it continues to be used and be improved while meeting the needs of the times. Particle-PLUS team hope that the plasma simulation techniques, which was supposed difficult, will become to use more widely. Our goal is user-friendly software which is used easily by production engineers as well as professional simulation ones.

What Particle-PLUS Can Do

Particle-PLUS can analyze the plasma behavior in processes such as magnetron sputtering, CCP, ICP, plasma CVD, plasma etching, charged particle beam and electrophoresis. See EXAMPLE for application examples.

Abundant Services

Particle-PLUS team support manufacturers and manufacturing with full effort. We provide various services to users customers of the software. Additionally, we accept commissioned analysis if needed. See SERVICE for details of services. (NOTE: The supports by Particle-PLUS team of Wave Front Co., Ltd. are for Japan's domestic market principally. If you are overseas user, supports will be provided by a distributor.)